Check out the new S.R.B. album “Archived Ballads”

WOW-WEE! The third album release from the, “Southern Raiders Band.” (SRB) This album contains Ballad type style and some of our collection of, ”shelved,” songs from the studio vault. This album shows some of the SRB roots and ability to write this style also. As the two prior albums display the ability to write in the Rock & Country genres and now this, most different, style of ballads. From a fifties style big band sound with the, “Bop-Shu-Wop,” on one of the songs to a song from an overheard courtyard conversation and much more. So please check out the, Southern Raiders Band, for a great collection of music and please become a, “Raider Force Fan.” And please check out this offer, unbelievable.

Source: Check out my new album “Archived Ballads”


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