This is how it all started:

**HI ALL, ** Hey, what I’m about to tell you is beyond my wildest dreams as a musician. Please friends, family & “Raider Force” fans, Check This Out: Today, 10/10/17 at around 4:00 pm the week two of three, Unsigned Rock Band, “ Album of The Year,” polls came in and the, Southern Raiders Band, was once again, “TIED,” at the #1 position, may God Bless you all that helped and voted for us (SOUTHERN RAIDERS BAND) and also the same for (The other band) Who is tied at #1 again with us. This is two weeks in a row and the final two song album vote will be Tuesday 10/17/17 with the three song final on 10/31/17. This will be the final week to decide the #1, “Album of The Year,” in that respect.” In your wildest dreams, you could never know what this means to the band and especially me….. So the next week came and finally we were #1 “solo!” at the top and ahead by three hard to earn points. But Wait A Minute, there’s still the final week to go. We were tied at the first position for two weeks and the 3rd week at the number one position solo, not tied and that means that we have been at number one since the awards started. Wow, what a long week waiting for the final week’s vote for the #1 Unsigned Artist of The Year Album, in the U.K., although we are an American band, this is a great honor to even be in this unbelievable contest that consisted of 22 albums that made it through to the finals, and here we are 3 weeks in and, tied at the #1 position 2 weeks, 3rd week at the #1 solo and the final week coming up on us. OK, three weeks at #1 and here we go. Must say, receiving an award such as this just don’t happen, unbelievable, a dream come true, all the hard work invested all my life-50+ yrs old & been playing and writing since age 12 and finally something I only dreamt of about to happen. Support? Family, friends, fans and some I didn’t even know expressed support as well. So all is great and time to receive the final judges decision in seven days. The DJ. contacted the five of 22 finalists and requested that we chose the three songs that we would like from our album to be judged. Well our album contains sixteen songs and so far, we have been at the number one position for three weeks with their choices so why change the songs that have been winners so far. Right, well I had to turn in our songs selection in two days leaving them three days to format the show. Well I thought and ask friends and anyone that was involved in our band to try to help make this important decision and in the end I chose to use two proven previous songs, although I had five they had played that worked, and picked another to try and catapult us to number one just one more time. The song I chose was a great, original, all songs must be written by the groups, rocker, interesting drums and guitar but has different singer in our group, my son. My son who has been playing with me since age fifteen, 20+ years now, and sings in the group as well and sings three songs on this album being judged by the panel. Although his song is doing awesome at radio stations, this was a very, very important decision and was I right or wrong to now include it with the already proven songs? The biggest event in my life and I wanted my son, stepson since age two, to use his vocal talent, as well as, his power drumming techniques to keep us at the top one more time. His thought was that we may want to leave three of the proven songs in tact because the judges were familiar with the singer they have been hearing and these songs had already worked. I said ok, but I had watched an episode on television a couple of days before that had, Eddie Van Halen, in an interview where he expressed his enjoyment of having his son, “Wolfy,” perform with him. Well of course, loving my son, I am so happy to have him with me all these years playing, studio albums, and opening for some super groups as well, and I now have the opportunity to allow us to receive an album of the year award, just chose the right songs, and, with stubborn fatherly love eabled, I wanted him to sing one of the tunes. I, however, did change the songs and went with two proven and added his, even though, he thought we should go with three proven and not have to wonder if they will like a new one added to the list at this point. But I wanted my son who, he and the other guys in the group had got us here to start with, to sing on also this unbelievable album of the year award opportunity that will probably never happen again. My son does not have the experience as our lead vocalist but is really good or I would have never given a minute thought about added him to this award opportunity, but felt, this may push us to winner status with something new the judges hadn’t heard yet. Well it didn’t work and we came in second place by only one point, yes one point. In retro, I shouldn’t have changed our winning song selection to one with a different singer since we had been on top with what we were doing. But I did and it sure would have been great if it had worked because he and I could have talked for years and to grandkids about the day, we won the Album Of The Year Award. Hope I didn’t take up your time I just had to vent a little tonight and wonder… Was I Right Or Wrong? 🙂


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