INTRODUCING THE: Southern Raiders Band

Here is the image of the Souther Raider Band's album, " Raise Southern Dixie "

     Thank all of you that have been checking out S.R.B. on our web sites.  We are here on the porch that we used for our, “Raise Southern Dixie,” album cover.  You can see our album releases at: 

or the new release at this location:  

Or of course YouTube-it at  100+ videos. (See Playlist there for some of our favorites) So you see, we do more than just sit on the porch…..Well there is Lee 🙂 Thank you all, and YOUR SUPPORT IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED …Have a great day, and remember:

” The S.R.B. Emblem “






S.R.B.  writes music in the Rock, Country, Blues etc.  A mixture of  several genres.  We are Blessed to have the talented musicianship that enables our group this opportunity.  We are also Thankful for each of you that take the time to listen to our music and if you like, buy a tune or two. Whatever you want to do, PLEASE give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channels, it means sooo much.  You can also hear S.R.B. on Pandora Radio,  give your request and you’ll hear, ” Without You,” the song they are playing at this time. OH, I must mention, we here in the United States have the 45th President take office today, January 20,  2017, it is 11:58pm as I write, GOT IT IN, in time.  (History You know.)   🙂

God Bless, and have great day,

Lee, Toby,  Rus,  Johnny  – (Southern Raiders Band) -See Albums Below:


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